updated at 10:50pm on 25/02/2020

by Frances McGarry

Westbourne Grove Medical Centre is excellent

I visited my GP yesterday, and as always since I became a patient there in 2001 the service was excellent. I always get an appointment very quickly. Today I was seen on the day having called in first thing in the morning. The receptionist as they all are was patient considerate and polite and I always feel that they will do there best for me as a patient . I then saw my GP on time as usual and had a thoughtful kind considerate and engaged discussion with her about my prescriptions. She took the time to go through them and explain how I could utilise more of the facilities on offer at the surgery and I left as usual feeling reassured and confident that my Doctor had a good understanding of me as a person and not just but also my medical condition. In the waiting room I had a discussion with a fellow patient who I had never met before and she said the same thing and how lucky we were to have such a great Medical Centre and how much her Doctor had helped her through a difficult medical condition. So when I went in to see my GP I resolved to thank her which I did at the end of my appointment. She was grateful but also modest in her response which was "we really always just try to do our best" Well they certainly do and it is very much appreciated . All of the staff are great the nurses are fantastic so considerate ,the receptionists the doctors and these standards have been constant for all the years I have been using the Centre. I tell as many people I can how wonderful the Centre is and also of course praise the NHS as this is my real experience. Sometimes we forget to thank the Doctors and this is my way of putting this right. This is also true of the NHS itself but the GPs are the frontline and in this practice with all the fine people that are working there the NHS has a great ambassador for which I am truly grateful.

Visited in January 2019, Posted on 15 January 2019

by Ruth Llewellyn

General review of surgery

I have nothing but praise for all the staff. Always kind, courteous, helpful, efficient. I never feel rushed, or that I am wasting their time. Bravo, and thank you for the past 20+ years. Long may it last.

Visited in December 2018, Posted on 07 December 2018